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Competition Details for North Metro Photo Club

We hold digital photo competitions (Salons) throughout our season and host a year-end awards program in May

The months we do not have a salon are dedicated to educational topics and activities.


Judging for competition gives members helpful evaluation and commentary on their submitted images.


Competition judges comment on each image and score the images on a scale from 8 to 15 total points. Accepted images are those that score between 12-15 points and mentioned by name during the monthly meeting and showcased in the online photo galleries each month.  These images are then considered for the annual award ceremony in May.

Images submitted monthly will be reviewed by an outside judge who reviews and critiques the images based on industry standard criteria.
There may be times when three club members form a judging panel.


Images are scored from 8 to 15 points. All images are judged based on Composition, Technique, and Impact


Composition is the arrangement of all elements within the picture area so the subject matter is presented as a harmonious, well-balanced photograph.


Technique is the technical aspect of the photo – focus, lighting, color rendition, exposure, print quality, and mounting.


Impact (or interest) consists of originality, imagination, interpretation, subject, impact, mood, humor, etc.

Images that earn 12, 13, 14, or 15 points are considered “Accepted” and will be included in the “End of the Year” competition.


“Accepted” images may not be submitted again at North Metro Photo Club competitions in the future; but they may be submitted elsewhere (N4C, PSA, Interclub, etc.)


Any images scoring below the “Accepted” level may be submitted at future North Metro Photo Club competitions.



Images that have received acceptances from the judges of the monthly contests move on to the End of Year Competition, and are eligible to receive awards such as "Image of the Year" and others that indicate a high level of achievement by individual members. Additionally, members with the highest accumulated point scores from the monthly competitions receive certificates for their accomplishment. All are recognized at our End of Year Banquet Event.

We hold digital photo competitions (Salons) monthly from September to April with our year end in May.


Judging for competition gives members helpful evaluation and commentary on their submitted images.

Competition Details for NMPC

2024-25 Schedule
Each month you can submit one photo for the topic and two open images

Competition Topics and Schedule

Members may submit:

One image for the topic and/or

Two open images per month.

Submission Deadline:

Sept. 5, 2023; 6 p.m.

Topic: Fire and Smoke
Two Open Category Photos

Submission Deadline:
Oct. 5, 2023; 6 p.m.
Topic: Birds of a Feather
Two Open Category Photos

Submission Deadline:
Nov. 5, 2023; 6 p.m.
Topic: Street Photography
Two Open Category Photos

Submission Deadline:
Dec. 5, 2023; 6 p.m.
Topic: Food
Two Open Category Photos

Submission Deadline:
Jan. 5, 2024; 6 p.m.
Topic: Still Life
Two Open Category Photos

Submission Deadline:
Feb. 5, 2024; 6 p.m.
Topic: Mood and Emotion
Two Open Category Photos

Submission Deadline:
Mar. 5, 2024; 6 p.m.
Topic: Long Exposure
Two Open Category Photos

Submission Deadline:
Apr. 5, 2024; 6 p.m.
Topic: Creative
Two Open Category Photos

Topic Category Descriptions are available in the PDF


Open Category Description:
There is NO restriction to choice of subject or treatment. The emphasis is on interest, visual impact, composition, and technical excellence. Images are not confined to any particular subject, type, or style of photography. These may include scenery, close-ups, buildings, animals, portraits, abstract, creative, and still-life. Special techniques are also allowed and include unlimited digital and darkroom manipulation. Images generated by purely electronic means (i.e., AI) will not be accepted.

Image Submission Rules

NMPC Image Submission Rules

All images submitted must be the end result of a photograph taken by the maker.  All members are assigned a Member Number to be used for submission of competition entries.


Each month that has a specific topic, any member may enter

One (1) digital image for the “Topic” competition and

Two (2) digital images for the “Open” competition.


Months that are Open only, members may enter up to three (3) images



Monthly competition “Topics” are are listed above.  For each image submitted, clearly indicate the competition category, “Topic” or “Open,” in which it is to be entered.


To be included in a month’s competition, email images to


The deadline is 6:00pm on the 5th of the month.

After you submit your image(s) you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours.

If you do not receive an email indicating your entries were received, send a followup email to the same address.


We STRONGLY suggest submitting images, if possible, 2 or more days before this cutoff.  This will allow time to ensure there are no problems with submitted images.

The cut-off time is rigidly enforced and no submissions will be accepted after that time.

Digital Images
Digital images should be saved as a jpg in sRGB color space. No logo or copyright is to appear on images.


It is very important to name images using the following format:

0918### Image Title.jpg

The first two digits = the month the image is entered (09)

The second two digits = the year the image is entered (19)

The three pound/hash signs = your North Metro Camera Club member number

Include one space after your member number

Include a image title with spaces as needed. No space at end.

.jpg  — Be sure file is saved as a JPG.


  • Use a zero in front of all single digit months like 09 for September.

  • Use two digits for the year, such as 17 for the year 2018.

  • Use one or two zeroes in front of your Member Number to make it three digits (###) in size, such as 0## or 00#.

  • The Image Title appearing on images in competition will be exactly the same as that used in the file name.

  • Title all images with a different image title.

  • Do not use a comma or period in any part of the file name or image title.

  • Leave one “.jpg” at the end. Typically this is done automatically when the file is created. If not, be sure it is added.

North Metro Photo Club photo sizing parameters

Lightroom Users:

In the Export box change the drop down menu to Width & Height

Enter 1920 for the width and 1080 for the height

North Metro Photo Club resizing parameters using Lightroom
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