YouTube Favorites

Sean Tucker (YouTube Channel)

Sean is a photographer who produces deliberate, metered content that focuses the story and motivation of photography. I find his approach to be refreshing and candid. This is not content to binge watch. He only produces a video or two a month so when they come out, I treat it as a 20 minute respite from the daily chaos.

Suggested introductory video: How to deal with Critics and Trolls Online



Jamie Windsor (YouTube Channel)

Jamie produces a variety of content from software tips and tutorials to the occasional gear review. But it's his Thoughts and Opinions playlist that I enjoy the most. The content isn't gear or tech heavy, it's a discussion of the art of photography.

Suggested introductory video: Why BAD Photographers THINK They're Good


Vanessa Joy (YouTube Channel)

Vanessa has a lot of business and social videos that are worth your time. Since I'm not a pro, I get a lot out of her portrait video. The videos are to the point and easy to understand.

Suggested introductory video: How to Create Bokeh or Haze with Flash Photography | Go Flash Yourself


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