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This is a list of photography-related people, companies, and services that are offering their support, tools for free (or a discount) during these trying times.
Additionally, there are also photographers who have suggestions on what you can do to keep up with your photography while we self-isolate.

If you know of one that should be on this list, let me know.



B&H Photo Presents OPTIC

NYC's Premier Outdoor, Wildlife & Travel Photo/Video Conference

OPTIC returns for its 6th year as a livestream experience, bringing you the world's best wildlife, landscape and travel photography content, courtesy of B&H Photo & Lindblad Expeditions

With our planet and environment changing every day, OPTIC 2020 promises to be more timely than ever. This two-day imaging event will explore the inspiration, techniques and equipment essential to capturing the great outdoors with an emphasis on conservation. Speakers include Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Photographers, plus an assortment of impressive, contemporary photographers. Zoom in online for a virtual trade show, portfolio reviews, live expert presentations, more challenges than ever, and of course, B&H’s trademark deals and specials!

This is a free online event.

More information and registration information here:



Nikon has a series called Creator's Hour. [Thanks for the tip Curtis]

From the website:

"Get inspired. Learn something new. Be entertained.

In times like these, we’re all looking for inspiration. That’s why we created this space. So, set aside some time to learn something new, engage in conversations, listen to stories and spark your creativity. #CreatorsHour

Wonder how pros stay creative at home? Watch Now

Nikon is also extending access to their online classes through the end of April




Photographer Stuart Sipahigil is making his eBook available for free until April 30, 2020.

Here is the information from his website. I am including it here because the text is hard to read on his site.


During this trying time of social distancing and self isolation, I believe art has the ability to bring us some relief from the stress of daily life, and making more of it is always a good thing. Even if you’re now at home with the kids, or working from home, or just self-isolating to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, you can apply the principles of Close to Home to your photography.


So, for a limited time (until April 30), I’m making my popular ebook, Close to Home: Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Back Yard, available for free. Simply right click on the book title and and save it to your computer..


It’s a small thing, but perhaps you will find some inspiration here to make some great photographs of your own, even if you can’t travel far. If you have something you’d like to share, there’s still a Close to Home eBook Flickr group where you can post your favorite “close to home” photographs. You can also post them on social media using the hashtag #closetohome.


I’m looking forward to seeing what you can show us close to your home.



Direct link to his eBook



Photographer and Educator Matt Granger is offering his courses Take Control of The Light and Educating Tina Directors Cut at a pay as you want deal. They are listed at $1 - you can adjust if you are feeling generous.

Other courses and bundles are available at steep discounts.


I have also discounted every one of my individual courses (click through below), and I have put together three bundle packages at the cheapest prices ever.


I am also offering Take Control of The Light and Educating Tina Directors Cut at a pay as you want deal. They are listed at $1 - you can adjust if you are feeling generous. (Note you need to use the direct links to get that deal - the main product pages are at the discounted price).


Implied Nude Portraiture

Business of Photography

Intimate Portraiture v2

Take Control of The Light

Educating Tina Directors Cut

Off Camera Flash

Art Nude Posing Guide

Wedding Photography 101



Offer 1 - Sensual Collection - Implied Portraiture, Intimate Portraiture, Nude Posing Guide, Public Bodies ebook and Private Bodies ebook, and Off Camera flash guide. $616 - now 55% off - $277  BUY HERE.


Offer 2 - Complete Steph Set - Implied Portraiture, Wedding Photography 101, Off Camera Flash Guide.  $471 - now half price - $235.50  BUY HERE


Offer 3 - EVERYTHING! Get all my courses - that's the Sensual Collection above, plus Business of Photography, Wedding Photography 101, Educating Tina and Take Control of The Light. SAVE 65%. $1207, now only $420. BUY HERE


PLEASE NOTE: I will keep these deals open until end of March then re-evaluate the situation.
These deals are still active as of April 26.



Photographer and educator Joe Edelman is running a "Stuck at Home" photography challenge.

From his YouTube channel


"Introducing the STUCK at HOME Photography Challenge!  Since I am completely shut down - I can’t in good conscious schedule shoots right now - I have decided to pick a genre of photography and challenge myself to create an image every day.  The genre - abstracts.  Taking every day objects and creating an image that is visually interesting.  Those are the only rules.  I may work with natural light - I may add some lights - I may paint with light - but I am going to photograph everyday objects in my home in ways that we aren’t used to seeing them.


I will post a video each day - Monday - Friday  - while this situation lasts and show you how I shot the image - talk to you about my thought process - in other words the hows and whys - and I will even show you how I processed it."



Photographer and Educator Scott Kelby's company KelbyOne is offering free weekly webinars and memberships to some of their top-watched classes.


Start here and click on the red banner on the top of the page.



On1 Software is offering their exclusive content for free for a limited time.


From On1:

For the next several weeks and likely beyond, our team has decided that all 30+ video courses, normally exclusive to ON1 Plus members, will be available to stream for free. We will also add more new courses in the coming weeks, available for free for the time being.

In addition, we are ramping up the ON1 live webinars so you can engage with others like you who have a great passion for photography. We are planning to bring in more ON1 Gurus, more topics, and of course, more photos to these live training events. Every single event will be recorded so anyone can watch at a time that works best for them. Expect to see this new schedule of events around the middle of this week. We will also continue offering our weekly editing tips and tricks videos as we always have.



Matt Kloskowski is temporarily his courses for  50% off.

He has classes for software as well as photographic techniques


Thanks to Bob for finding this one.



This one isn't a deal you purchase but it is a good collection of Portrait Photography Lessons

Thanks to Bob for finding this one.


Free Macro Course


From the site:

The universe is at your feet! Macro photographers play by different rules, there is plenty to discover and many stories to tell. This photography course covers all aspects of macro photography. Don Komarechka is a nature, macro and landscape photographer, and his work has been featured on BBC, National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer magazine and more. In this course, you will learn about the approach he uses to capture stunning macro imagery and how he edits his photos using ON1 Photo RAW and Adobe Photoshop.


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