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Sedona Photography Symposium Program Announces 2020 Program and Discount Code for all Camera Club Members

The Sedona Photography Symposium is bringing world-class photographers to Sedona, Arizona, August 20-23, 2020, for enlightening presentations, workshops, field outings, and breakout sessions. This year’s theme, “Unleash Your Inner Artist,” is geared to photographers of all levels of experience. The purpose is to expose those in attendance to a diverse subject range allowing each to experience, learn, and return home a better photographer.

Keynote Speaker Deborah Sandidge will discuss “The Essence of the Image – It’s not what you see, but what you feel that makes for better pictures.” Deborah is a Nikon Ambassador, author and travel photographer who helps photographers to capture experiences and creative artistic imagery, giving a sense of “being in the moment.”

More detail and prices here:

Sedona Photography Symposium

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