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Get Looney

The moon will be at 98% Illumination tonight with clear skies and full tomorrow with partly cloudy skies.

This is a great opportunity for you to shoot the moon. What settings should you use? Start with the *Looney 11 rule.

1. Set the aperture to f/11

2. Set the ISO to 100

3. Set the shutter speed to 1/125

Additional settings that will help:

· Get your camera in manual

· Get your camera on a tripod

· Turn off image stabilization

· Use your longest lens

· Use mirror lockup

· Use a remote or a two second delay built into your camera

This will get you a sharp image of the moon.

Besides the fun of capturing the moon, it's handy to have a few moon shots in your library to place in scenes where you want a moon.

Want to incorporate a sharp moon into a scene? You'll need to take two exposures – one of the moon and then adjust for the foreground and then blend in Photoshop. It's nearly impossible to get a proper exposure of both in one capture.

Happy shooting

*Set aperture to f/11 and match your shutter speed and ISO e.g. 1/200 ISO200

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