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Hello NMPC,

Happy Autumn. Hope you are getting out and capturing the changing colors.

Our first live Zoom critique meeting for 2020-21 is now available on our website. It is located here:

Home > Competitions > Critiques

Additionally, Bruce's presentation on photographing hummingbirds is in a newly created Member to Member section inside the Resources section.

That video is available here:

Home > Resources > Member to Member

If anyone has something they would like to share during a meeting please let me know.


Our next meeting is on Thursday, October 15 at 6:30

You can submit one image for the topic of Photojournalism and up to two for the Open category

The deadline is October 5th at 6:00pm

Entries should be sent to:

Only members who have paid their dues will be eligible to submit images for judging.

Annual Membership Dues

Individual: $25

Family $40

Dues should be sent to our Treasurer.

Contact me ( to get our Treasurer's address.


Stay focused,


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